Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Action overtakes choice

My work with improvisation, creating in the present moment of the decision making process, not knowing what the final image will be. I like to experiment and to surprise myself. The activity overtakes the choice. It leaves a visual mapping of an action in time. The art may reflect a kinetic movement such as the shadows moving across the paper. It may describe an action such as reclining or rolling body parts as something visually mapped. I work with color sometimes describing an emotional sensation that may be regarded as romantic painting. I play with the metaphors of landscapes. Illustrating a landscape or tracing a portion of the earth, sometimes the body. I like the visual ideas of line and shape in their normal proportion combined with the action of the mark making, reactive and adaptive. My art is a visual action or improvisation describing a moment of movement using visual vocabulary.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Artist and Teacher

I believed that Artist’s are the best teachers of art because they have the intuition to sense what the other person is trying to express and can be an active guide. Painting is rich; the real purpose of painting is to give pleasure. Regarding my art, radiance is my motif. My approach tends to be from experiments, I work within a structure and see what other possibilities there can be; I look at it as solving problems and working on the visual experience. I listen, learn, and love. The outcomes are magical.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Investigating and listening

My style of painting is analytical, I am intrigued with investigation, the essence is to bring my awareness to the moment of seeing. The whole process occurs in time. Responding, all the while seeing from the perspective of the process: questioning, answering, and reasoning. I challenge myself keep a pace with time, to realize the moment. A wonderful time is stillness and quite, solitude of the co evolution of existence. Quite moments can become very loud. Listening and the endgame pose learning quirks that I describe as starts and stops. Reservation of information compared to the extremity of time. In this suite of paintings, I simplified and exaggerated. The images pull from opposite angles; a tension develops that engulfs the energy.