Sunday, August 23, 2009

My notes on Richard Tuttle

Richard Tuttle.

The work is not minimal. The spiritual is in Richard Tuttle’s work. His work represents flawless perfection. He states that art is truly an adventure. A new meditative state, the relationship between light and art is very simple. The artist is compelled to make art. From looking at the Abstract Expressionist, Tuttle explored the idea of presenting the expanding universe onto a large canvas by working small. The work is a modesty of means. Tuttle created very small pieces that were modest, impermanent, but placed with precision. Tuttle describes it as “being in sync (or in harmony) with art, free of myself. I have very little to do with it.” The art must intrigue the viewer. Tuttle invented his own language. Some refer to Tuttle's idea of nothingness. Blurring the boundaries of painting and sculpture and all the sectioning between disciplines that occurred in the late 1960. The power of nature, meditating and contemplating, light and shadow, the materials have a voice. There is a qualifying rightness to the experience. The simple response to his work is the right one.

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